Fitness Consulting

Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.

I am a fitness consultant who helps business owners to build a successful personal training business and optimize their internal and external structures in the gym, to provide a profitable and exclusive service to their members.
I believe in a high quality product, a customer-centric approach, a sustainable long-term strategy, a well-trained and united team, as well as clean and professional processes.

My work as a personal trainer and fitness manager has allowed me to gather first-hand experience on both sides of what makes a personal training business successful: a fruitful cooperation of trainers and gym.

Who I work with:

If your fitness business is steady but the monthly ups and downs are accumulating to stagnation or even to a decrease in business, it’s time for a change.

My work experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal trainer education and certification
  • Gym management
  • Personal training sales management
  • Regional fitness management

Contact me for a first informal consultation to see how I can help you best.


“With a high level of expertise and experience in the fitness business, Jonas has a proven track record as a fitness professional and as a business manager for clients, teams, clubs and regions. He crafts groundbreaking strategies that turn businesses around and delivers education that inspires professional excellence and drives significant results. Jonas is confident and highly committed to enable and empower others to achieve greatness. He is loyal, committed and ruthless in his pursuit of personal and professional success.”

Liz, Managing Director