Jonas Kittelmann

professional coaching & personal training

Hi, I am Jonas – a passionate health and fitness coach from Germany, based in Oslo, Norway. I studied sports science in Berlin and have been working as a personal trainer since 2013.

Through personal coaching I help clients to completely change the perception of their own body. I teach them how to connect muscles and mind, build a strong core, train more effectively and achieve lasting results. You will experience the feeling of getting stronger not only physically, but mentally and learn how positive change can transform not only your body, but your whole life.

I believe that 
the biggest gift that you can give to yourself, your family and the world is a healthy and happy YOU.
My vision is to help as many people as I possibly can to achieve exactly this, which will not only impact your life, but those of everybody around you.
I am offering you the keys to unlock what has been trapped inside of you for a long time. Now it’s up to you to decide wether you’ll use them or not and make a real change.

“Med Jonas har vi fått trene på en helt ny måte. Han aktiverer musklene på en måte som gjør at man blir kjent med kroppen sin på nytt. Jeg har ikke følt meg i bedre form på mange år.”

“With Jonas we have been trained in a whole new way. He activates the muscles in a way that makes you get to know your body again. I haven’t felt better in many years. “

Jon, Business Development Director & personlige treningskunde i Oslo.


Personal Training

Personal Training is the fastest and most effective way to train and succeed in fitness.
We work 1:1 in our private gym in Lysaker to get you the best shape of your life.

Online Coaching

My online coaching is  100% tailored to your needs and goals. You get all the knowledge you’ll need to succeed while working out in your gym or at home.

Fitness Consulting

Are you a gym owner or personal trainer and looking for help to build your personal training business? Being an experienced business manager, I can help you scale up.


“I started PT with Jonas in March 2018 after recovery from some serious disk issues. Sounds familiar? Yes it’s a common issue for “office rats”, mine was too. Jonas helped me to build some strong back and core, but mostly to develop some confidence, precision in the gym, find joy in the fit lifestyle and to say goodbye to my back pain.”


Senior Account Executive & PT client in Berlin

“Jonas is an ambitious personal trainer who combines excellent coaching skills and a high educated scientific background. The time I spend with Jonas as a colleague always based on trust, reliability and fun. Whatever you’re fitness goal might be, Jonas will make sure you’ll get the best physical and mental support possible.”


Performance Coach at Klagenfurter AC & and Jonas’ colleague in Berlin

“Jonas, your personal training was always very motivating for me. Your precise eye for the correct posture and your ability to identify weaknesses and train effectively impressed me. I felt that the training was always well prepared and tailored for me. It was structured and rich in variety. I always enjoyed working out with you!”


Dentist, Ph.d & PT client in Berlin

I love to help people overcome their individual challenges and turn weaknesses into strengths.
Send me a message and get in contact with me. I answer emails quickly!


    Jonas Kittelmann

    PTC Kittelmann 
    Org.-Nr.: 921 772 424

    Indoor training-sessions take place at Studio Bodybybiah

    in Fornebuveien 38,
    1366, Lysaker, Norway