Personal Training

Because you are unique.

Has pursuing a successful career taken a toll on your body and you feel unfit and low in energy?
Do you want to change your physique or shape, but you haven’t succeeded yet?
Do you sit a lot and your back hurts?

Your body is the result of the way you have lived your life up to this point. And like a house that needs maintenance, we need to take care of our body or the structures worsen over the years. Therefore we have to take a look to see what’s below the surface and might be causing trouble or impacting your movements.
To do that I offer you a free assessment of your current physical condition.
In this session I will screen your body and movements to assess muscle functions, strength, mobility, movement ability and identify postural deviations. You’ll get full disclosure about how to accomplish your goals.

Once you are start the process, this is what you can achieve through my personal training:

I promise you will already feel the difference after the first sessions already.

The Studio

If you like to train without distraction in a private and clean environment you will like this place. All trainings in our studio are 100% exclusive – only you, me and your favorite music. It’s located in:

Fornebuveien 38, 1366 Lysaker, Norway.
Park your car outside or take the bus to Lilløyveien bus station.